Communication 1545 Links

    1.    Schedule of assignments 

    2.    Syllabus Addendum 

    3.    Sign-in Sheet   

Informative Speaking

    4.    Informative Speaking Assignment    

    5.    Basic format of the informative speech  

    6.    Informative/Group Critique Sheet (bring 2 copies on speech day)   

    7.    Keyword outline (informative)     FORM       Sample

NOTE: The following section contains an array of student-produced speech outlines and PowerPoint files.  They are included here to illustrate various aspects of speech planning.  Sometimes students do this well, and sometimes less so.  This section includes samples representing the entire range.  So learn from them, but do not necessarily -- or blindly -- imitate them.

    8.    Powerpoint - "The Great Endorphin Machine"

    9.    Student outlines for discussion: informative (topical) 

    10.    Comparison of purposes: informative v. persuasive

Students sometimes are unsure of how a speaker's motive to inform might differ from a speaker's motive to persuade.  When a speaker wants to inform, his/her interest is mainly to help an audience acquire new factual/true information.  So, if you were to read an encyclopedia article about Iceland, you would find statements of fact about an island/country -- its geography, people, government, industries, and so on.  You would rely on the encyclopedia's editors to make sure that the statements have been verified as true and accurate.  So, "I'd like to explain how Iceland's abundant geothermal and hydroelectric power resources have enabled it to become a worldwide supplier of aluminum" would be a speech to inform.

Notice how different a speaker's motive would be if he/she were trying to persuade you that Eastern Gateway Community College should be eliminated.  Or that Ohio should bring back execution by firing squad.  

How to prepare your message

    11.    Steps in preparing a Public Speaking message

(12 steps?   Far too many for a speech, but okay for a written document or class discussion.) 

    12.    How to use oral footnotes in your speech

Unless you are a credentialed expert on a topic, you are taking claims of fact from others.  That's okay, of course, but you must tell the audience who that source is.  If you take another person's words -- because the words themselves might be important, you must tell the audience that you are quoting that person.  

    13.    Sample (student) sentence outline for an informative speech about RMS Titanic


Persuasive Speaking

    25.    Instructions for the Persuasive Assignment, and the Need (and Compara2tive Advantage) cases

    26.    Basic format of the persuasive speech

    27.    Policy Speech Materials - 2014

    29.    Need/Plan Class Lecture Materials - 2014

    30.    A complete sentence outline of a persuasive speech: "Help the Homeless"

   31.    A PowerPoint summary of  "MyOhioNow" in Need/Plan form

    32.    Sample policy questions for persuasion

    33.    Controversial Topics for persuasive speeches

    34.    Introduction to argument and persuasive speech formatics

    35.    Questions of fact - can in principle be answered

    36.    Questions of value - imply a judgement about something -- it's good or bad, desirable or not

    37.    Questions of policy - involve a change in procedures, or rules, or laws

    38.    Speech topic table

    39.    How to pick a topic that will make a GOOD speech

    40.    The Topic Selection Helper from University of Hawai'i

    41.    Finding a topic - go snoop around and trust serendipity !

    42.    Motivated Sequence sample speech (student) - Partial Birth Abortions

    43.    Sample manuscript - There are Ghosts in this room!

    44.    Sample manuscript - Family Medical Histories

    45.    Sample prep outline - Anthrax

    46.    Speaking note cards - Anthrax

    47.    Persuasive Case Online Courses

    47.    Persuasive Speech critique sheet (bring 2 copies!)


Group Speaking

    48.    Group Communication assignment topic questions 

    49.    Group Communication assignment instruction page  

    50.    Stages of Group Development 

    51.    Group Leadership

Public Speaking Archives


x.    Powerpoint - "Tea"

x.    Powerpoint - "Automatic Carwash"

x.    Powerpoint - "The Missing Treasure"

x.    PDF - Example of the Basic Format in Russ Adams' Mothers Day sermon

 x.    Critique this sample draft student outline for an informative speech (showing that confused thinking will produce a confusing outline)

 x.    Critique this working draft (TWA 800) of an informative speech    

 x.    Critique this working draft (Vietnam Memorial) of an informative speech

 x.    Critique this working draft (Snakebite) of an informative speech

 x.    Critique this working draft (TV Soaps) of an informative speech

x.    Sample (informative speech) sentence outline (The Dreidecker)   

x.    Critique these STUDENT speech draft outlines (informative; formal, sentence)